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Co-Development & Investment Holdings

The Co-Development & Investment Holdings (CDIH) is currently engaged in bringing a new wave of American industries to Africa for investments in and financing of private sector development projects to support the growth of Africa’s small and medium-size enterprises and address the needs of its underserved markets.

Venture Capital


CDIH is building the infrastructure for financing African private companies by providing vehicles of venture capital funds.

Investment structures will meet clearly defined expectations and investment focus: being actively managed, pursuing sustainable economic development and targeting green investments such as renewable energy, agriculture (capacity development and supply chain) and light manufacturing.


It is undertaking to develop a network of funds to invest in SMEs in countries where they would enhance their economic benefits whilst maximizing shareholders’ interests.



CDIH is also advising select rapidly emerging economies on how to best foster entrepreneurial capabilities, develop public-private partnerships and build their SME financing infrastructure to fulfill their full potential in the 21st century.

This effort includes the organization of the domestic capabilities and partnering with Europe and the United States in accessing matching capital to create investment vehicles substantial enough to address the financing needs of local businesses.



Ultimately, CDIH is leveraging the core competencies of developing economies in which we operate to attract investors and trading partners. We of course utilize traditional sources of development financing, such as large international foundations and international financial institutions (IFIs).


And we also seek more innovative ways of attracting capital such a providing incentives to multinational businesses and institutional investors by organizing vehicles that are more familiar to them and offering incentives and the traditional protections of their capital that they have come to expect.


We will market our VC funds to major multinational co-investors to partake in Africa’s sustainable economic development, as seed and lead investor in select funds to which they can bring additional resources and operational assistance.

About Us

It pursues the efforts of bringing U.S. investors to African markets the Co-Development and Investment Consortium (CDIC) accomplished on the ground for many years. Launched over the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit convened by President Obama in Washington, DC from 5th to 7th August 2014, the Co-Development & Investment Consortium was instrumental in increasing U.S. and European investment and trade opportunities for Africa's SMEs.

Bringing a New Wave of Industries to Africa




Lastly, a strong emphasis will be placed on export trade in conjunction with these funds. In economies with an abundance of commodities, effort is made to attract investors that the economy requires to strengthen the local value chain and create products for export.

CDIH is using its extensive network of relationships in developed economies to attract expertise and transfer technologies necessary to achieve success in its country projects. It will also organize operational assistance funds that can operate in parallel with investments to procure needed expertise wherever it resides to successfully build capacity.


Throughout this journey, we desire to be honest partners for Africa, passionate about forging an effective and mutually beneficial relationship, unleashing initiatives and directing impact investment to make a difference for Africa and build a brighter future for its populations.