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Co-Development & Investment Holdings

Investing in the Future of Africa



The Co-Development & Investment Holdings was founded out of the Co-Development & Investment Consortium [CDIC], a US-backed policy initiative launched at the time of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit convened by President Obama in Washington DC in August 2014. 

This private sector initiative broke new ground by developing investment and trade opportunities in Africa to help the continent's economies unleash initiatives and fulfill their full potential in the 21st century. 

Today the Co-Development & Investment Holdings is leading the charge of bringing capital from outside the region to co-invest with local businesses in large scale, high value and sustainable projects, on the one hand, and to support the growth of local, technology-driven SMEs on the other hand. 

Were it for its management team, advisory board, investment committee, strategic partners, or external advisors, the Co-Development & Investment Holdings has called upon a diverse group of tier one, highly skilled professionals from Africa, North America, and Europe, whose relationships, geographic reach and expertise in business and finance, economic development and government would be extremely difficult to replicate. 

North Africa’s economic development requires a new approach to financing SMEs, which represents over 97% of all enterprises in the economies of these countries. 

The Co-Development & Investment Holdings has entered into strategic partnerships with some of the largest, most established and diversified businesses in the region to co-invest in large scale, high value and sustainable projects in the manufacturing, energy and agribusiness industries. 


An Ambitious Growth Portfolio 

A Unique Co-Investment Portfolio 

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The CDIH Growth Portfolio meets clearly defined expectations and investment focus: being actively managed, pursuing sustainable economic development and targeting green investments such as renewable energy, agriculture (capacity development and supply chain) and light manufacturing to enhance North Africa's economic benefits whilst maximizing shareholders’ interests. 

The CDIH Growth Portfolio aims at repositioning SMEs, facilitating the emergence of new models of small profitable enterprises in the North African market, and leveraging synergies among these Moroccan, Algerian & Tunisian firms. The platform includes technical assistance to support enterprise growth and competitiveness, the core service delivery to beneficiary firms being mentoring, coaching and market access advisory services. 

The CDIH Co-Investment Portfolio will bring its trademark transatlantic alliance to create mutually beneficial opportunities and outcomes, and the right institutional linkages to secure traditional sources of development financing from international financial institutions (IFI) and US Government as well as additional capital and operational assistance from multinational businesses and institutional investors to partake, as seed and lead investor, in North Africa’s sustainable economic development. 

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